Tara Michaela Jones


     Tara Michaela Jones (she/her) is a black, queer, student and sex educator based in New York. She is currently in the process of earning a bachelor's degree in Gender and Sexuality Studies from New York University. She also works with Bellesa in their sex toy boutique's influencer marketing team, as well as with Chelsea Leibow Communications as a video content creator.  Her work focuses on how injustice manifests in sexual interactions, specifically racism and racial capitalism. She also explores how stigma keeps us all from being our best selves, and how we can close the orgasm gap. 


    After creating a private Instagram account in 2015 which documented many of her adolescent struggles in exploring sexuality as a young black woman, accepting her body, and experiencing shame, she realized she had the potential to become a go-to person in her community to openly discuss these issues. She continues to use her digital platform and written pieces to connect with those around her. 


    In 2020, she invented Sweet Nuthins, a Patreon and website name that Tara aims to make a space for acceptance. Acceptance of all types of sex, and acceptance of all types of bodies.