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Sex Education Advocate 

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Tara Michaela


Teaching about how racism and capitalism affect our sexual interactions.

It’s rarely talked about the ways in which white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism and racism invade our sex lives. We like to think those things don’t exist in some of our most intimate moments, but they do. How does your social identity, your race, gender, size, ability/disability affect your sense of deservedness during sex? How has the racist, sexist, fatphobic, whorephobic and ableist society we live in shaped your sexual attraction? What about your sexual health care, have you experienced judgement or racism at the hands of a sexual health care provider? Through Tara’s writing, video and digital content, she educates and ignites these important conversations. She helps individuals attain a greater understanding of themselves in the context of our ever-stigmatizing world, and address their concerns. 

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